Zoom Coupon Code: $30 for 500 People Meeting

Zoom is the most popular HD video conferencing and messaging tool that works across any device that gained its popularity during the covid 19 pandemics.

You can invite and call your best friends or held corporate meetings (with 1000 members) or stream live on youtube and Facebook within a minute and get your work done.

And today I’m about to share an exclusive Zoom coupon code (JUST $30🤯).

But before that, I’ll discuss the benefits and features you’ll get in the Zoom coupon code.

Skip reading benefits and features and get me a zoom discount deal.

Show me the OFFER –

Know what benefits does this zoom discount coupon offers

  • Cloud storage – The sky is just the limit, but zoom offers you unlimited cloud storage.
  • 500 person meeting – Allow 500 people to speak in a meeting.
  • 1000 attendees can attend a webinar.
  • Stream yourself live on youtube and Facebook.
  • Recording transcription.

How do I get a promo code for zoom?

lvrg.it is the answer.

(Wondering What is lvrg.it, check here)

In short, lvrg.it is a money-saving group buy organization that’ll help you get exclusive discount coupons on your favorite software and tools that helps you build a business.

Do you want to buy those expensive tools and software that renew every month breaking your bank?

No, right?

You can get zoom at just $30/month while its actual costing is $240/year which too you have to get 50 licenses which make it $12000/year.

Here’s how you can get your zoom coupon code –

Step 1 – Open lvrg.it in a new window.

Step 2 – Click on sign up and fill in the details. It’ll cost you $97/year which will save you tons of 💰 tools.


Step 3 – Once you’ve logged in, search for ZOOM and click on the “Get This Deal” button.


Step 4 – Again fill the form and make the $30/month payment and save $11,640/year.

zoom_discount_coupon Bottomline

Get zoom premium features at a highly discounted price of $30/month at lvrg.it (Bonus – not just zoom, but you can access more software and tools like zapier, active campaign, AWeber, and more) and more)

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