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Below are some fundamental resources that we use on daily basis.

NOTE*** The content on this page does contain affiliate links, meaning I do get some percentage of the product in case if you purchased from my links but at no additional cost to you. 

Email Marketing Software

SendFox – We use sendfox for sending newsletters. This one isn’t much effective as others email marketing tools but it’s quite a simple n’ handy solution.

Click Tracking

We are a full-fledged affiliate business. We use several tools for affiliate link management but here are major ones.

Pretty Links – A WordPress-based plugin to generate links using our main domain.

Switchy (Review Here) – Switchy is mainly used for links that are shared on social media or youtube videos.

(My shehraj.link domain is hosted over switch)


  • Notion – We use this app for as an project management solutoion. SurfSaaS’s content calender, SOPs, accounts every thing is hosted over there
  • Skype
  • Zoom.us


Writing Tools

  • Conversion.ai – GPT-3 Based tools that assists our writers while researching and writing content
  • Frase.io – We use this tool for researching + optimizing articles for SEO.
  • Dynalist (For Outlining)
  • Grammarly & Hemingway Editor (Proodreading)


  • Anchor.fm – Podcast Hosting
  • Samson Q2U – Microphone For Recording Podcast
  • Audacity – Used For Podcast Editing
  • RemasterMedia

Refer here for more: https://kit.co/ishehraj/podcasting-gears-for-beginners

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