Zlappo Review – Turn Your Twitter into a Mega-Funnel

If you’re somebody who wants to Automate your Twitter account, then I’m sure you heard about Zlappo, but you’re not sure whether this tool Fulfills your Requirements or not?

Well, you’re at the right place. In this article, we’ve covered In-depth Details about Zlappo;

  • its Features
  • Pros-Cons
  • Pricing
  • How you can benefit from using this tool.

I’m sure this article helps you to decide to use Zlappo for your Twitter Automation. Let’s begin a complete review of Zlappo!

What is Zlappo?

This tool helps you to automate your Twitter account and comes with Post Scheduling Feature.

With this tool, you can Automate and Schedule your Posts, Tweets, and many more easily with Zlappo. This tool is handy for those who want to stay updated with Twitter accounts and keep tweets.

So, if you’re an Entrepreneur, Business owner, Influencer, or Someone who wants to do Twitter Automation, then Zlappo can be the first preference for you.

Wait! If you’re a Social media manager or a business owner looking for a social media manager, you need to pay attention to this tool carefully. This can be a Game changer for you.

This tool can enhance your productivity to another level because this tool automates your Twitter account and lets you do other important work. Zlappo can be the best choice alternative for any social media manager because this tool works more effectively, is better and is Results-oriented.

Same as, if you’re a Manager, you can enhance your Productivity by using Zlappo and working with Multiple companies together and Automate your work Easily.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to Automate your Tweets and Content
  • You can Retweet or Schedule Threads for more Engagement
  • Yes! You get 14 Days Free Trial
  • Some new features are coming up soon
  • Affordable price plan
  • You don’t get any advanced analytics
  • only working on a Twitter platform, not other Social media platforms

Zlappo Features:

Let’s See some most unique and Advanced Features of Zlappo that help to Automate your Twitter account.

Schedule Tweets and Retweets

Using this feature, you can Auto-Schedule your tweets and Retweets easily by making a one-time effort to set all posts, and Tweets with date and time. Then you’re free to do your other important work and Let’s zlappo manage your account in a better way. It’s one of the essential features of this tool.

Recycle Tweets Effectively

By using this feature without any effort, this tool recycles your tweets efficiently.

This tool uses two ways to recycle Tweets:

  1. You need to create your content, and then you can List the range in the “Evergreen” category. So that whenever a free slot is available Zlappo tweets your content automatically

2. You’ll also see an Auto-retweet Feature for better Engagement.

It’s a one-time manual effort to Auto-Schedule upcoming content.

Auto-Repeat Thread for More Engagement

Sometimes one of our content on Twitter gets more Engagement, more comments, likes & Retweets.

We all know if something works, then we should repeat this process to get more Engagement.

For this, Zlappo comes with its unique feature of Auto-Repeat Thread. With the help of this feature, you can Auto-Repeat that content that has more Engagement.

So, you need to find your winning or More engaging content And then use this tool to set dates, times, and no. times you need to repeat this content. You’re free to do other things, and Zlappo will Automate your Twitter easily.

#4 Bulk Upload Content & Scheduling Feature

If you’re busy for a month and don’t have time to post content daily on your Twitter, then go with Zlappo. Because with this feature, you can easily upload Bulk content in one click and then set your upload time and date. It’s enough to Automate your whole Month with Zlappo.

So, it’s time to create the following month’s Content in advance and Automate your whole Month by using this tool.

Zlappo Pricing Plan

Zippo Comes with three pricing plans that you can select based on your requirements. The first plan, “Real G”, starts at $9.99/Month, the second plan “, Hustlers” at $29.99/Month, and the Third plan “, Tycoon”, at $99.99/Month.

Note: This tool comes with a 14 Days Free Trial with no credit card required. And I suggest you start using this tool with a free trial, and after getting results, you can switch to a paid plan based on your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zlappo easy to Use?

Yes, Zlappo is an easy-to-use tool. When you start using its free trial, you’ll understand quickly how to use it to schedule your content for Twitter.

How many tweets are scheduled in a Month?

With Zlappo, you can schedule 1000 Tweets per Month with Real G Plan.

Is any Free Trial Available?

Yes, Zlappo offers 14 Days free trial with no credit card required.


Overall, Zlappo is a fantastic tool. If you want to Automate your Twitter account, its unique features and affordable plans can be tried.

With this tool, you can Automate your upcoming whole Month’s Content and focus on other important work. I suggest you go with the free plan because no credit card is required, and you can use it for 14days.

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