TidyCal Review (Let’s Schedule Meetings)

Finding good scheduling on a lifetime deal was a very tough task.

But the team from Appsumo heard this, They launched their own meeting schedule deal called Tidycal

Basically, Tidycal is a Calendly alternative launched by Appsumo. They’re offering it for a very cheap price, Only $19 for a lifetime deal.

TidyCal Review

From the first attraction, Tidycal seems to be a very basic tool. They only have four pages which are Booking Types, Scheduled Bookings, My Profile and, Integrations

By the way, My most favorite features of Tidycal are direct email integration with Paypal without using API.

Pros And Cons

  • Easy to Learn (You can start within 10-20 mins)
  • Color Branding
  • Awesome Site Embeds
  • Simple PayPal Setup (No API headache)
  • Master Calendar is unavailable
  • No Private Links
  • Only Weeks days in Availability option (Should have the option to select dates of this or next month)


Tidycal is a good tool but still is in its development face. If you’re someone who wants to invest for long-term usage or a beginner who wants to kick start scheduling this is the way to go!

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