Scribbbe Review & Demo: Why I Refunded it?

I’ve used many automatic transcription tools such as otter.ai, happy scribe, etc. But, I haven’t seen the dull performance that scribbbe given me.

You guessed it right, this is a negative review.

So, Let’s start with my story

Scribbbe Review

Scribbbe grabbed my attention when they launched their lifetime deal on appsumo.

I was very curious to have this tool. Because I haven’t had a transcription tool on ltd. I Swiped my credit card, purchased the tool from appsumo.

Here are the things that I loved and hate about the tool

Easy to use Interface

When I first logged in their interface seemed pretty clean. Only four pages, No clutter! (Loved in beginning)

gif represents overview of scribbbe dashboard
Scribbbe Interface

They also add the link of their public roadmap in the footer which helped me to understand the vision of the company.

Flexible Pricing

As compared to the last transcription deal on appsumo, scribbbe is having a better deal. They’re giving away 4 hours of free transcription for $69 which 2 times more than the last deal.

Transcription Errors

While testing this tool, I used several clips from my podcast interviews to check the quality.

I found that Scribbbe is not performing well on some accents where I found very good transcription for US accent voice…

That’s the reason why I refunded my scribbbe purchase and left a three-tacos review on their listing.

Scribbbe Demo

Welcome to my favorite part of the scribbbe review. In this section, I’ve done a live demo where you can check the live performance of the tool.

I recorded a 3-4 minute long audio clip then, I got the transcription out of that which is non-edited, which means you’ll experience the live match.

I’d recommend you to read the transcription simultaneously while listening to the audio clip.

Let’s Begin


so it's a gorgeous people behind these speaker behind the speaker so in this particular order i'm testing the neutral game marketplace but on apps select membership called so scribe is so i'd call with this particular test audio for just i how they are transcript in my video audio whatsoever so this is a quick demonstration or it works and i'm also very interested to see how sky works at that also looking for some people 

0:40 -
who can help me to transcribe my i was looking for something that can transcribe my audio and i got to know about sky but i reported it and then i saw like this become one of the biggest tool in the marketplace now i'm thinking like yeah also that happens at the moment but yeah this is what happened two lines the military but added on purpose because i just won a test toll that is what is the name scribe that's what about it it's one minute twenty three seconds so let me go a little bit more beard and make it at least three minutes so we can get to know how should i was working on how they're transcribing working so now the nice thing that i would like to discuss is the important of transcription in port casting

1:40 -
so if you talk about are very important while you're creating because education help you to get a few of your cast episode mean this if you had your transcript down below your cast episode video blog post on this will help your wordpress blog to boost its google will get more keyword more words so they can get to know about it and you can also use the transcription technique to generate blog post for instance i watched a video where a guy showcased is on tier models of what the blog post to be written by him but he did not right you don't want to live what he did it the guy recorded audio like he had all the outlines in front of the recorded the audio for a that thing outline according to our then what he gone to rape dot com that is easy going to rape dot com submitted that particular file 

2:45 -
after he submitted the file when he will get the you know transcription is and that answer an outline to a member so now his team member what he does is now as you can see if you are reading this thing then you will get in okay i mean i can't read this entirely because it's very difficult to consumer transcribe so now his team member gone ahead and make it on the format for a blog post right so that's what the people are doing and that's what my technique for transcription mean writing blog post writing blog posts so it's approximately three hundred twenty two seconds now and being close this video audio clip how the results if you're watching this on on my blog listening to the on my blog or else you tube video make sure to like it to my blog news letter thank you so much for listening let's see the result

Hope this transcription gave you clarity about Scribbbe


From my perspective, Scribbbe is a very un-developed tool. They need to improve certain issues to make it shine!

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