Publer Review: Is it Next big social media scheduler

In the world of Social media, Any Businesses or Brands can Run only when they get Infront of their Targeted audiences.

Some powerful ways to get Infront of targeted audiences, by Using Social Media channels because 3 billion people use social media.

And, If you’re a Blogger, Business Owner & Entrepreneur who has tons of Unique Content to share on your Social Media accounts but, stuck because you’re not able to manage all these platforms, Time-Management, Managing & Analyse Growth.

Publer Comes with an All-in-One Solution for you. With this tool, you’re able to manage your Social media accounts through one dashboard.

You can manage Immediate Posts sharing, Auto-Schedule Posts, Analysing Content on all social media accounts like – Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & GMyBusiness. Using Publer’s Automation feature.

Let’s discuss In-depth about this tool…

What is Publer?

It’s a Social Accounts Handling tool to Manage/Schedule your content for all social media channels. All your social accounts can easily access with this tool so that you can Auto-Schedule your content and do other important works.

You can invest your precious time in other important things and let Publer handle your content sharing work.

It’s such a powerful tool Because it comes with Free Plan that offers many Amazing features like Auto-Schedule Content, Link-shortening, Immediate Posts sharing & many more features you’ll see in other paid plans only.

But the best part is, you can integrate up to 5 social accounts in its Free plan because in alternative tools you get max. 3 accounts to integrate.

In Short:

  • You can handle your social media accounts with this one tool, It takes time efforts to build Automation of post scheduling but then you can spend your precious time on other things easily
  • You get access to integrate up to 5 social accounts after Signup for Free Plan
  • When you compare its free plan features with other alternatives, you’ll see its Free plan has so many features compared to other paid plans.

Publer Features

Before we start, the very first step is to create your publer account. Well, it entirely depends if you need a paid plan; go for it. Else, my Recommendation to go with Free Plan and after getting results you can upgrade to its premium plans.

After creating your account, It’s time to integrate your social accounts with this tool. It’s an easy process!

  • AccountAdd Account

You’ll see Multiple social media channels where you can integrate your social accounts, like Facebook, Linkedin, Insta, Twitter, Pinterest & Google-My-business.

Now it entirely depends on you, No. of Accounts you want to connect on these platforms.

Note: After Upcoming Updates, Integration of YouTube and VK Account available for you.

After Integrating all social accounts, it’s time to Make Content you want to publish, Auto-Schedule and Analyze.

By selecting Multiple channels, Prepare your content. When your content is ready to be published on social platforms. You’ve three options

  • Draft (Means Just Store it)
  • Auto-Schedule (Choose Date & Time)
  • Publish (Immediately Share)

You can take any actions based on your work requirements.

You can preview your content before publishing. It helps you to take the right decision quickly.

Now, It’s time to Discuss some fantastic features of this tool (Key Features)

#1 Social Media Scheduling Feature

After Using this tool, You don’t need to share content manually on each Platform. It takes a one-time effort to Automate your upcoming content by using its scheduling feature.

You’ve two options to choose from.

If you want to post Immediately, click on Post, and Your Content is shared on all social media platforms immediately.

Otherwise, you can Auto-Schedule your Post by selecting Account, Date, and Time to Post if you want to share your Content later. In Auto-Scheduling, you’ll see four options to post your Content quickly, i.e., Manually, Auto-Schedule, Recycle & Recurring. Let’s discuss all these options in detail.

  • Manually: Yes, You can post your Content manually by Select the date and time to post on your selected platforms. Using this feature is so easy.
  • Auto-Schedule: After Creating Post, now you can Auto-Schedule your Content for a long time. Go to the “Accounts” tab, then select which platform you want to Post. Now Click on “Posting Schedule” and create a Timeslot. You can Select days and each day timeslot. It’s easy to schedule for Automation. So, all your Content is published at your given time per day. Otherwise, if you think these settings are complicated for you, you can use the “AutoFill” feature. After filling in all details, you can click on the “AutoSchedule” button and Publish.
  • Recycle: With this feature, you can recycle your Post every week, month, and Year. This feature is useful when you have lots of Content.
  • Recurring: This is an advanced feature; you can set a date and time to repeat the same Post till the end date and time you scheduled.

These are four options you can use in Publer for Auto-Scheduling.

#2 Post Preview

Sometimes, you publish a post and then see some minor (Tiny) Mistakes that you want to change. But it’s too late!

That’s why Publer Comes with this fantastic feature of Post Preview. When your Content is ready to Publish, this tool first shows you a preview of your Content, So that you can check again and confirm all things before publishing.

You have complete editing access; you can select social media platforms, post replacements, edit content descriptions, anything you want to customize before publishing Content.

You can also preview how it looks after publishing to get an idea about whether your Post looks good or not. You can see it in Both Desktop and Mobile Screen versions.

#3 Hashtag Suggestions Generator

This tool can give you Effective Hashtags based on your Post. So, after publishing Content on social platforms based on Post, this feature gives you Effective Hashtags to help your Post Reach more Audiences.

This feature can help you to give relevant hashtags. Some steps you should follow to find your relevant Hashtags:

  • Make sure your Post content is Ready
  • Just before publishing your Content on your desired Platforms, you’ll get another option, i.e., “Hashtags.”
  • Click on “Hashtags”, and you’ll start getting so many relevant Hashtags for your Post that will help you for more Reach.

The best part of using these Hashtags, you get a real-time report of these Hashtags’ engagement.

Overall, after using this tool, you get so many relevant hashtags for your Content that can give you more Reach. So, try this feature.

Note: As per the Report, Using 9-12 Hashtags on Instagram is better for more Engagement and reach.

#4 Signatures & Watermarks

Having your Brand signature or a Watermark is more attractive while publishing your Content. It looks more like an Authority in the Market.

That’s why Publer understands the value of a Signature or watermark and gives you a Feature of the “Add signature & Watermark” feature, where you can add your Brand signature or watermark with your Content.

You can easily Schedule your Content and add Watermark/Signature while publishing Content (Except Twitter).

You need to focus on creating Content and let this feature add Watermark/Signature to your Posts.

Follow some straightforward steps to start using this feature:

  • Go to the “Account” tab section and Select account where you need to add Watermark/Signature
  • You’ll see an option “Add a Watermark” Click here.
  • Now, Upload your Watermark (You can upload up to 10)

Ans Same Process follows for Signatures, and it’s a one-time effort then all your Post start publishing with your watermark/Signature.

Publer (Pros and Cons)

  • In Publer you’ll get Fast updates and New features access
  • Using Publer Analytical Feature is amazing for High performance
  • It is easy to use tool with a User-friendly Interface
  • You’ll get Video Guide for a better understanding of this tool and how you can take benefits
  • You can schedule your content with Flexibility (Any photo, text, video Posts) can easily schedule and Save you lots of time
  • You can start with Free Trial for a better experience
  • Its “Link-in-Bio” Feature is not easy to find and Understand. You should watch the video guide for a better understanding
  • Some minor edits left while editing or Making your content on Publer. So that you need to go back to your actual editor tool for better editing
  • Integration with some platforms still left (Coming Soon)
  • You can’t upload videos, gif, or multi-photos if you don’t have the Highest-Paid plan

Accessible to Use (Friendly Interface)# Things I like in Publer:

  • Analytics
  • Customers Support

Accessible to Use: When you start using Publer, you’ll feel the comfort of managing things Easily. This tool is designed to be used more efficiently and can save lots of time.

Well, if you already used Buffer, then you will see so many similarities in Interface.

Its Interface is smooth and encourages you to do more work. Its Interface is So Eye-Catching, and you can work for a long time effortlessly.

Analytics: This tool is not for posting content on different social media platforms. This tool can also analyze your content engagement, Results you’re getting.

This tool measures your content performance and gives you a Real-time report in a Short Summary (Based on the past seven days), but it’s up to you. If you want a week, month Report, you check.

In this report, you can quickly Check your post engagement, Gaining new followers, likes, comments & Reach. So many things are covered inside this report that helps you to make an effective decision for your following content before publishing.

Customer Support: Customer support is a significant factor for anyone who has queries related to something.

& Publer fulfills this requirement Very well. Its Customer support is Highly Active, Engaging, and Solve your any queries in minutes. You have so many ways to get customer support via Email, Facebook messenger, Twitter, and Chat Support.

You can instantly click on the icon at the lower right corner (A chat window will popup).

But Wait! I suggest you first read Publer Faqs because most of your queries are already covered in FAQs. You don’t need to even chat with them because they provided so many solved answers.

Publer Pricing Plans

Publer offers three plans. And the best part is – one is free, and two are Paid.

Its pricing starts at:

  • Free – $0
  • Argentum – $20/Month (10 Social accounts and 3 Users)
  • Aurum – $36/Month (15 Social accounts and 3 Users)

All three plans are excellent at their Points. But my Suggestions, you can go with its Free Plan. You can start using this tool for scheduling content, management, and Handling social media accounts.

Try its free Plan, use all features and see if You’re getting results, then you can switch to its paid Plan.

You can access all features in the free Plan also, But in the paid Plan, you get other features like Watermark, signature, multi-photos scheduling, hashtags, and many more. So it’s up to you to start using a free plan and then switch to a paid plan easily.

Let’s make a Quick Comparison: Publer Vs Buffer Vs Hootsuite Vs SocialBee.

You all are familiar with these Social media scheduling tools in the Market. Now it’s time to compare all these tools with Publer and find a winning social media scheduling tool.

 Publer Buffer Hootsuite SocialBee
Pricing Plan (Starting)


Social Accounts


Post Recycle

Add-on (Team)


Bulk Scheduling

Social Monitoring


Free Trial













































This is an In-depth Comparison between these tools. One thing is clear, Publer Free Trial offers so many features compared to other tools. It depends on you to Use a free trial or go with its Paid plan for more advanced features.


Publer is a user-friendly and easy-to-use tool for Social media scheduling and Managing posts. You get so many Advanced Features like Post Scheduling, Analysis & Accounts management quickly.

Suppose you’re looking for Content scheduling tools, then Highly Recommended to go with Publer. Trust Me! You’ll start seeing results. Well, if you’ve any doubt, why not try a Free Trial of this tool and Access all unique features for the next 7-Days free. And after getting ready, you can switch to its paid plan easily.

Still Not convinced?

I’d recommend you to start using its Free Trial and take benefits of these features; then, if you get Results, you can switch to its paid plan.

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