Top 9 Affordable OptinMonster Alternatives

OptinMonster is no doubt a popular email marketing tool for many bloggers and website owners.

But I think you’re facing problems with optinmonster.

What if I told you, there are other GREAT email marketing tools that you can use as an alternative to optinmonster.

What if I told you, the alternative tools might have more features than optinmonster and cost you less.

Would you be interested in learning more?

If you’ve said yes! Then welcome. In this guide, I’ll tell you 10 email pop-up builders which are great alternatives to optinmonster.

Criteria to Choose A Email marketing plugin

Before jumping to alternatives of optinmonster, here are a few important things you should consider before you choose an email marketing plugin/pop-up builder –

  1. Ready-to-use templates (If you’re not a designer)
  2. Different types of POP UPS (lightbox, screen filler, slide in, etc)
  3. A/B testing feature (helps you select a winning campaign)
  4. Easy user interface for beginners
  5. Mobile responsive designing (for mobile users)
  6. Various advanced triggers options
  7. Built-in analytics
  8. Support from team

And if the tool contains any other feature other than the above listed it’s just a cherry on top.

Table differentiating 9 OptinMonster Alternatives

Templates Ease of use WordPress compatible Price
OptinMonster 100+ Templates 8/10 (feature rich, complex) $9 to $49/month (basic to growth)
Thrive leads 250+ Templates 8/10 (tons of features) $19/month (with thrive suite)
Convert Pro 50+ Templates 8.5/10 $79/year or $399/one time
OptiMonk 300+ Templates 8.5/10 $0 to $199/month + master plan
Sumo 50+ Templates 9/10 Free and $39/month
Sleeknote 100+ Templates 8/10 (feature-rich) $49 to $369/month
NinjaPopups 30+ Templates 8.5/10 $24/one time
ConvertBox No enough data 8.5/10 $495/one time
Bloom 100+ Templates 9/10 $89/year or $249/one time
WPsubscribe No enough data 9.5/10 (easiest to use) $39/year

Why Optinmonster?

Optinmonster is a GREAT popup builder tool that contains advanced features & targeting options.

You’ll get pre made popup templates, along with multi-site integration.

As with any tool, optinmonster has pros and cons, so let’s take a look at them.

Pros of OptinMonster

  • Fully customizable pre built templates
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Mobile friendly
  • Reduces cart abandonment.
  • Eye catchy animation to hook the reader

Although (if you’re using optinmonster) you might lose some important features…

Cons of OptinMonster

  • No free trial
  • Costly plan based subscription
  • Most feature in pro and plus plan
  • No automation to set start or end date to the campaign

But on the other hand, if you use these alternatives of optinmonster you might get more features… and even pay less for it…

Let’s discover

9 Alternative Plugins/Tools Better Than OptinMonster

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is a WordPress plugin that integrates with your site & third party email marketing tools.

You can create email opt-in forms that convert like crazy with the speed of your thought.

Thrive leads contains hundreds of done for you templates for different types of business.

But, the point here is – How Thrive Leads Excel from OptinMonster?

Unique traits

  • Smartlinks

Using smartlinks, you can hide the optin form to pop-up again to your already fans/subscribers.

  • Variety of form types

Optin form types like ribbon, content lock, slide in, screen filler, mobile specific lightbox, and more forms are not available in basic or even pro plan.

  • A/B test

You can A/B test different opt-in forms in Thrive leads but not in Optinmonster. Which is not available in Optinmonster.

  • Optin form animation

You can animate your optin form using thrive leads to catch your reader’s attention.

  • One plan, all features

Thrive leads is a single plan optin form builder which contains all the features.

Unlike optinmonster which has 3 plans (basic, plus and pro).

  • Price

Before Thrive leads had a lifetime deal plan of $67 one time. But now it comes with Thrive Suites which costs you about $19 per month.

PS – But the catch here is, you’ll get all the thrive themes tools along with thrive leads.


  • Unique A/B testing to drive more email addresses.
  • More types of optin forms than optinmonster.
  • Drag-and-Drop visual real time editor.
  • Specific post, tag or page level targeting.
  • Proven conversion focus templates.


  • Works only with wordpress.
  • Few designs are outdated.


If you want to replace optinmonster and want an easy to use quick optin form builder.

Thrive Leads can help you get your work done.

Get an in-depth Review of Thrive Leads.

Convert Pro


Convert pro is also a popular email opt in form builder which is quite similar to Thrive Leads which is built by Brainstorm Force.

As convert pro also works and is compatible only with wordpress. But it consists of features similar to optinmonster.

Moreover, you can schedule your campaign, detects referrals, inactivity and cookie trigger, and adblock detection using convert pro (as well as optinmonster)

Unique features of convert pro that makes it one of the best email list building plugins are as follows –

Unique traits

  • Multi-step/quiz forms

Helps you create a multi-step optin form for longer audience engagement. And built for higher conversion rates.

  • Whitelabel

You can whitelabel convert pro and use it for branding that plugin is yours. Plus, you can use whitelabeling for multiple client site use.

  • Mobile view editing

Using convert pro you can optimise optin forms for mobile users.

  • WPML compatible

If you’re running a multilingual site, convert pro helps you build using which you can translate the text in your selected language.

  • Loads when you reach ID/class

A unique visitor behavior trigger that loads when visitors reach an ID.

  • Price

Convert pro costs you $99/year or $399/one time (lifetime deal). While optinmonster costs you $99/month (for every feature for 5 sites)


  • Detects adblock.
  • You can target on the basis of geo-location (best for ecommerce sites).
  • Builds you high engaging quiz forms.
  • White labeling for multiple client site use.
  • Built-analytics and actionable insight reports.


  • Supports no animation
  • Gives you a few pre-made optin templates that other tools.
  • A bit expensive for a single site owner.


If you’re operating a wordpress based site, I’d say convert pro has many unique features to optimise your optin forms that can convert your visitors into subscribers.



Optimonk is a conversion focused tool for your website that contains some unique features that optinmonster doesn’t.

The only thing I didn’t like about optimonk is pricing which we’ll discuss below. But first, let’s see unique features of optimonk

Unique traits

  • NPS nanobar

NPS nanobar allows your customers or website visitors to rate you. Which in turn helps you increase the experience and quality of the content or product you’re selling.

  • Coupons

OptiMonk helps you create coupon codes to show on your website that help in increasing conversions by giving discounts.

  • Tags and category campaign targeting

Unlike in optinmonster, using optimonk you can choose tags and categories for email pop-ups.

  • Product recommendation engine

OptiMonk helps you personalise your online store for your potential customers by recommending them relevant products.

  • Easy integration

OptiMonk is compatible with more email marketing tools than optinmonster.


  • Suggest your customer relevant products (personalisation).
  • Optimise your conversion rates.
  • Advanced targeting options
  • Best if you’ve ecommerce store.
  • Helps you build discount coupons (CRO)


  • Limited templates of optin form
  • No built in analytics (Needs google analytics integration)


I’d say, if you run an ecommerce store or an info product website, optimonk can help you optimise your website that CONVERTS.


Sumo, previously known as sumo me, was founded by Noah Kagan (appsumo founder) is another lead capturing plugin. That comes with a few unique features which might be helpful for you.

Unique traits

  • Free plan

If you’ve a small website you can collect up to 10,000 email addresses for FREE.

  • Conversion optimisation (discount codes)

You can increase conversion rate of your website using discount codes (PS- works best with an ecommerce store)

  • Ecom templates

If you’ve an ecom store, a paid sumo plan has tons of ecom design templates that drive more conversions.


  • Reduces cart abandonment.
  • Built in tracking and analytics.
  • Drive unlimited subscribers for free.
  • Completely customisable designs


  • Lacks advanced targeting


I’d say, if you’ve an ecommerce store or a new blogger who wants to start list building, then sumo can be a good choice.


If you’d ask me, SleekNote has a great web design along with features. SleekNote is more based on the ecom market as it can support a huge audience.

Unique traits

  • Guide your visitor

You can create a personalised customer experience (shopping) using “guide your visitor feature”.

  • Large template library

SleekNote has a large proven conversion focused template library with full customisation and positioning.

  • Quiz/multi step popup form

You can easily create a multi step quiz form for better conversion and builds engagement and trust.

  • Seamless integration (50+)

You can integrate SleekNote seamlessly with 50+ tools.

  • Advanced analytics

SleekNote contains advanced analytics which provides you actionable reports of your campaign.

  • Live chat support

It might not be a significant trait, but you have live chat support from the sleeknote team for any problems regarding sleeknote.

  • Free Trial

You get a 7 day free trial, if you want to experiment you can do it for FREE.


  • Highly customisable.
  • Builds a highly engaging quiz form.
  • Best email pop-up maker for ecom marketers
  • Conversion focused templates.
  • Social proofing for trust.


  • Ecommerce focused


If you’re having an ecommerce website that has a huge audience, sleeknote can help you leverage the audience and build your email list quickly.

Ninja Pop ups


Ninja popups is a popular wordpress email form builder plugin that contains professionally built pop-ups that helps your audience to take desired action.

Unique traits

  • Social network pop-up form

Get your website visitors to follow you on your social media profiles for regular updates.

  • Video pop-up form

You can get your video seen and convey your message to your audience using video popups.

  • Campaign popup scheduling

Schedule your start date and end date of your form pop-up using ninja popups.

  • Price

You can get Ninja popups just for $24 one time price and enjoy lifetime updates with 6 months of support from arscode.


  • Excess of pre built template
  • Schedule your popup
  • Find winning popup using A/B test
  • Seamless integration with 40+ popular email marketing services.
  • Content lock pop up available


  • Non user friendly UI


I strongly believe if budget is the major concern for you and you can’t invest at the moment, Ninja popups can be a great and affordable alternative to optinmonster.



Convert box is in its early access phase, and I don’t have any access to the software. I’ll try to make you understand from the information I have.

Unique traits

  • Personalisation

You can easily personalise your audience experience by sending personalised messages for conversion rate optimisation.

  • Intelligent targeting

Intelligent targeting is similar to sending personalised messages to your audience which is based on data from a CRM.

  • Segmentation funnels

Crafts you a specific email marketing strategy based on where the audience is on the sales funnel.

  • Discount and offers

Based on the audience in the sales funnel, convertbox helps you generate discounts and offers that drive you more conversions.


  • One time payment (lifetime deal)
  • Personalised targeting boosts engagement
  • Split A/B testing
  • Real time built-in analytics


  • Coming soon… early access phase


Convert box can be a fine alternative for optinmonster with lifetime deal and can work well with ecom websites.



Bloom is a well known optin form builder in wordpress space. If you use elegant themes you must have heard of BLOOM for sure.

Here’s the catch – you need to get elegant themes to work on bloom.

Unique traits

  • Trigger after comment

You can pop up the form after a reader leaves a comment on your website.

  • Get divi builder access

Bloom gets you FREE access to divi builder which helps you build beautiful looking websites.

  • Unlimited website access (one license)

You can use Bloom to unlimited websites by accessing a single license.

  • Get monarch access (social media plugin)

Grow your social media presence by monarch social media plugin which pops up social media links on your website.

  • Price

You can build an email list @ just $89/year or a lifetime access of $249/one time.


  • Free access to Divi, extra, bloom, and monarch.
  • Unlimited website use
  • Best tool if you’re just starting out.
  • Grows social media account


  • You need to buy elegant themes to access bloom


If you’re starting a new website, you might need a theme as well as email marketing integration. Elegant theme is a one stop solution that helps you build your website as well as email list.

WP Subscribe


WP subscribe is an easy-to-use, light plugin for list building that doesn’t overload your website.

Unique traits

  • User-friendly

WP subscribe is simple, easy to use by a non-techie with basic features.

  • Speed optimisation

Plugins tend to increase site weight and affect load time. WP subscribe is a light plugin that seamlessly integrates with your wordpress site.

  • Affordable

You can get WP subscribe for 3 website plans @ $29 with 1 year of update and support.


  • An affordable alternative to optinmonster.
  • Easy integration
  • Basic trigger and targeting
  • Beginner friendly


  • No advanced feature or targeting


If you find optinmonster a bit complex and looking for a more simple, easy to use optin form builder without much of tech, wp subscribe can be a GREAT option.

Wrap up time

Concluding the 9 optinmonster alternatives, Thrive suites (leads) can be a complete affordable solution for you, not just for list building but giving your website a whole new look.

Additionally, if you run an ecommerce site, consider using convert pro, optimizenk, and sleeknote.

Afraid to invest? You can start with a FREE plan on sumo or sleeknote to know what’s happening around your website.


  1. What is the best email popup plugin for wordpress?

If you’d ask me, Thrive Leads and convert pro are the best email pop-up plugin/builder for wordpress as they are feature-rich and convert the best.

  1. Is Thrive Leads better than Optinmonster?

Both Thrive Leads and Optinmonster are great tools, but when it comes to features and pricing, Thrive Leads gives a no-brainer offer of thrive suites of just $19/month.

  1. How do add email pop up to shopify?

To add email popup to shopify, you can use optimonk or convertpro which have tons of ecommerce based templates that convert.

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