How I Got $1000 in Notion Credit

Recently fell into love for notion? (I also fell in)

After that, I started looking for ways that can help me get free notion credit or something that can help me to save a buck!

In this article, You’ll discover how you can grab notion $1000 credit for just 79$

Notion Credit

To start with, You’ve to join a membership called Secret where you’ve to opt for their premium plan which is 99$ first payment then $39 yearly (if you want to continue)

Since I negotiated with the secret team, You can use the coupon “surfsaas20” for 20% off on their every plan (first payment only).

When you’ll purchase their membership, head over to this page.

Now, You can claim your $1000 credit for your notion account. Add to that, You’ll also have access to many other SaaS tools that partnered with Secret. For the premium plan, the List includes

  • Typeform
  • Miro
  • Airtable
  • Stripe Atlas
  • Webflow
  • Digital Ocean (new users only)
  • & 158 more
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Shehraj Singh
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