Lifetime Deal Validation Checklist – Choose the Best

Recently, I did a community post inside the community that what are the certain criteria I use for selecting ideal deals for their business.

Here is what I found;

Lifetime Deal Validation Checklist

Lifetime deal validation checklist

I was amazed to check out the response, Everyone had their different approach for purchasing ltd. So, Let’s start with my personal pointers;

  • Am I going to use this tool in the next 6 months?
  • Is this a new startup or a known brand?
  • Do they’ve good funding to backup?
  • Founder’s involvement in the community (Coming next)
  • Are they active when it comes to content marketing? Maybe looking at the search volume of their brand term
  • Is this sunset or sunrise industry?
  • Is this a rare deal of its kind?

In this thread, Jason Abdi From also dropped his two cents on this –

  • Can my clients benefit from it?
  • Is it sustainable and does the company have an opportunity for long-term growth?
  • Are the developers trustworthy and how do they handle criticism?
  • Will the application make me money, how can I help the developers make money?

He also added a better point – “I judge them based on how they treat criticism. It’s easy to spot developers with huge egos, and those who are invested in making their solution better based on feedback.“

Meanwhile, Chris Knightsbridge (community members) also added a little humour in this post;

  • Is the name dumb as f*ck? if no -step 2
  • Is there a Fox in the name? if no step 3
  • Does its brand have shiny colors? if yes buy

Which is kind of funny, That’s what i discovered inside community post. I hope you loved it.


Everyone had their own perspective while choosing a deal, Most of the folks purchase the deal because it’s an LTD.

I think they should be a little narrative into it.

Lifetime deal validation checklist
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