Facebook Group Automation For List Building

Do you want to generate consistent flow of leads using your facebook group?

Yes, You are in the right place. Today, I’ll present your strategy that helped me to generate and nurture a consistent flow of email leads to pure automation.

Let’s dive in, Step-By-Step…

Facebook Group Automation Funnel

Here is the concept: When someone requests to join the Facebook group, We’ll ask them to submit their email address. After that, We’ll send data to Google Sheet then, We’ll transfer this data to our autoresponder (ARM).

Workflow: Group Question -> Google Sheet -> Autoresponder

Here is the entire steps broken down step by step:

In this blog post. I’m using GroupBoss (Review Here) + Pabbly Connect (Zapier Alternative) for automation

Group Questions To Google Sheets

For this automation, I’m using GroupBoss.io for transferring data from group questions to Google Sheet. Even you can use GroupBoss to add people inside your autoresponder as well.

In my case, GroupBoss is not triggering any automation inside my ActiveCampaign account. That’s Why I added one additional step in this blog post.

Let’s jump inside the world of practicality,

You can refer to this tutorial for Group Setup. or prefer reading, Click Here

1. Linking Your Facebook Group To GroupBoss

Note: You need to be an moderator or Admin to use Groupboss.

  • First of all, Add GroupBoss chrome extentsion and do login.
  • Open your Facebook group. Click on GroupBoss extentsion.
  • Then, Click on the “Add This Group” button.
  • That’s All, You’ve done GroupBoss Integration With Your Group

From Now on, GroupBoss will save all membership answers to thier database. It’s time for GroupBoss To Google Sheet Integration

2. Linking GroupBoss To Sheets

Process start wheethere you left.

  • Now, Create one Google Sheet. (Click Here to Create)
  • Now, Set the Sheet sharing settings to anyone can edit with link.
  • Enter the url inside GroupBoss.
  • Click on Signin With Google Button.
  • Now, Click on Next button. That’s All

From Now on, When you approve somones request to join your facebook group, There all membership questions data will be sent to the Google Sheet. Now, This is the time to send data from Google Sheet To Autoresponder.

Google Sheets To Autoresponder

Since, Google sheets is not having direct integration with Autoresponders. I’ll be using third party softwares for this task.

For this usecase, I’ll be using be using Pabbly Connect. You can refer to Zapier as well. Let’s do it.

Google Sheet To Pabbly Connect

Pabbly is using Webhooks for conducting the workflow between Google Sheet To Pabbly Connect this will be little bit complicated then Zapier. Since, They are having very good tutorial. You can refer to it.

Watch this to 7:17 to learn Google Sheet Integration


Pabbly Connect To Active Campaign


This is the time to integrate your autoresponder with Pabbly connect. In this case, I’m going to use Active Campaign. Here is the video, Where you can refer to…

Now, You can add people into your desired list.

That’s All. You’ve successfully integrated your Facebook group automation funnel. I hope this blog post helps you to automate your Facebook group.

If this helped you, Please share this video with other group admins. So, They can leverage this practice to automate their Facebook group.

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