Canva Vs PiktoChart

In Graphic designing tools, Canva and Piktochart are Highly demanded tools.

And if you’re looking for a detailed comparison between Canva & Piktochart, then you’re at the right place. Because in this article, we’ll cover everything about both tools, their – features, benefits, uniqueness, Pros & Cons, Pricing Plans, and Which one is better for you. So that you can pick the best tool as per your requirements.

Both tools come with So many unique features. That’s why it’s a Tough fight between both tools.

So without wasting a second, Let’s See a Comparison!

What is Canva?

Canva is the most popular Graphic designing tool in the World, with so many amazing features that almost anyone can use. It was founded in 2012, and now it’s a highly demanded tool in the world. The main purpose of using Canva is to design Graphics, posters, posts, infographics and many more. Canva comes with Millions of Templates available in this tool for almost any niche.

Even if you’re a Beginner, you can Design anything in minutes because there are tons of New Templates that you need to pick and edit and your design is ready.

Canva: Pros & Cons


  • Because of its easy navigation, anyone can use Canva in minutes
  • With Canva, you can easily design Posts, infographics, cards, presentations etc.
  • After spending a few minutes, you’ll know exactly how to use and design Graphics.
  • Canva has tons of new templates, graphics, and elements


  • You can’t Import data from third-party applications
  • Canva is a great platform, but its Interface in the mobile application is difficult to access

What is Piktochart?

Piktochart was founded in 2011, and it’s a worthy tool because so many big companies use it for their work and the reason behind the Eye-catching Templates of Piktochart has. When you use Piktochart for any purpose – you’ll get beautiful Graphic Templates, and you need to pick and use them. With Piktochart, you can design Graphics beautifully.

Piktochart: Pros & Cons


  • Piktochart helps infographics from scratch or pick Trendy Templates. It’s easy to use
  • With Piktochart, you can download a Magic block in one click.
  • Tons of Graphics Templates are available for you to design or upload your images.
  • Piktochart itself offers video tutorials to learn how to use this tool.
  • Piktochart Allows you to import data from third-party applications.


  • But it doesn’t offer an Export Options
  • In the Free Version, you can design only five infographics.
  • The best use of Piktochart you’ll see in the paid version only.

Piktochart Vs Canva (Features Comparison)

After this Comparison, you’ll find your winning platform. So Let’s Begin!

Easy to Use

If you generally take, then both Graphic designing tools are Easy to Use. But we did an In-depth Comparison to find out which is easier to use, even for a Beginner.

Canva is known for its easy to use Interface. Even a Kid can design anything in a few minutes. Canva Builds a very Easy and resourceful interface where you don’t need to find anything. You’ve everything in front to screen whatever you want. It offers 420,000+ Templates for you to design anything in any niche. Just with the help of the Drag and drop feature, it is best for use.

Piktochart is used for less designing work, like only for infographics. That’s why there are no more features and elements to use. There are fewer features in this tool and that’s why it’s easier to use Piktochart.


Canva is a Big platform where anyone can design anything, whatever they want. With the help of this platform and using their elements, templates anyone can fulfil their graphics Requirements. Even if you’re a Beginner, after spending a few minutes on this platform, you can easily Design any graphics in minutes. The choice is those who don’t want to use high professional tools like Adobe but want to do work like professionals then go with Canva. Millions of users love Canva and don’t want to switch to any other tool because of it’s amazing services and features provided by the Canva platform.

Piktochart, it’s a platform for designing Infographics, posters and reports. But this platform offers very few Templates and limited designs. That’s why using this tool is not as effective as Canva.


Both tools are cloud-based, meaning you can easily do editing and graphic designing on both platforms. You need an internet connection and device to use both platforms.

Canva is a Big platform and offers so many things to do and design for you. Having Millions of Templates helps you to do some more creativity without facing any technical issues. But its mobile application can face issues because it’s not User-friendly.

Piktochart is a Clear platform with few things to design. That’s why you’ll rarely see lagging on this platform.

Design Tools and Features

Canva offers tons of things that are hard to count because there are Millions of Templates, elements and Graphics offered by the Canva platform. But let me show some major features used by canva:

  • You can edit photos and videos
  • More than 75 Millions+ Components like (Templates, stock images, Graphics etc.) are available in canva.
  • You can share the same project with your Team by usingTeam collaboration feature.
  • Now you can remove the background with one click.
  • You can create animated GIFs.
  • Add as much as Effects in Text.
  • Customers Support Available
  • And many more

There are tons of features available in Canva that you can’t even count. That’s why it is the Biggest platform in Graphic Designing.

Piktochart is very clever because of Specific things offered by this tool:

  • Total Nine Design Templates
  • Mainly for Infographics, Presentation and Report Creation

Piktochart is a Very simple platform with few things to offer.

Photo Editing Capabilities

Canva has some basic editing options for Photo editing because it’s a Graphic designing tool. That’s why it’s not a Photo Editing Tool. You can do some basic editing only, like resizing images, cropping, adding elements, and Graphics.

Piktochart is only for infographics, so it’s not for photo editing. Piktochart didn’t offer photo editing Features inside this tool.

Video Editing Capabilities

Canva has some basic video editing features like add images, audio, download in different files that only you can do with Canva.

Piktochart is not for video editing – you can’t even upload the video to do some basic editing. It’s a Big No for video editing in Piktochart.

Integrations & Plugins

Canva is open for all platforms where you can Integrate with Third-Party applications easily.

Piktochart integrates with Websites like Pinterest, Tumblr etc.


Canva tool comes with three Plans:

  • Canva offer a Free plan
  • Second, it’s Pro Plan that cost $9.95/Month (Annually Bill)
  • Enterprise Plan that cost $30/Month (Annually Bill)

Canva offers three plans.

Piktochart also offers three plans:

  • First, It’s a Free plan with limited access
  • It’s a Pro plan that costs $9.95/Month or $290 Annually.
  • Team Plan that cost $99/Month or $990 annually

Conclusion: Who is the Winner?

After Comparing both tools, based on its – features, benefits, Uses, Pros & Cons and Pricing Plans – Canva Wins this Battle against Piktochart.

Both tools are really useful and In-demand tools but based on features and other things, Canva wins.

But if you’re looking for my suggestions – then it totally depends on your Graphic Designing requirements. We’ve seen that Canva is mainly for those who want to do Graphic Designing and do some Creativity, then Canva is the best choice even for a Beginner. It’s So easy to use this platform and design anything. And Piktochart is like company type tools. If your Requirement is designing Infographics, reports then Piktochart is very impressive because it offers exact things you need to Design Infographics, Presentation and Report only.

I hope after reading this article you can pick the best Graphic Designing tool as per your requirements.

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