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If you’re looking for a Detailed Comparison between Canva and PicMonkey, then you’re at the right place. Because in this article we’ve covered in-depth detailed comparison between both tools – Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons and at the end Which one is best for you.

Both these tools are the most popular in Graphic Designing, and that’s why you’re reading this article. Both have amazing features and Uniqueness. That’s why it’s a tough fight between both tools.

So Without wasting a second, Let’s See a detailed comparison!

What is Canva?

The world’s most popular graphic designing tool is Canva. With 20 Million Active Users monthly. This tool makes a Benchmark in graphic designing because of its Amazing features and Eye-catching Interface. Whether you’re a Beginner or a Business owner, everyone prefers Canva as the best tool for Designing purposes. 

You can design almost anything in Canva like – Logos, Posters, Thumbnails, brochures, Visiting Cards, and anything else. Design in minutes. Popularity comes in Canva because this tool supports more than 100 languages, and it’s an Open tool that means it can integrate with Third-Party applications for better work. Most of its Users say that Using Canva for Designing is the easiest way because a basic understanding of Computers can be used, but the work you can do through Canva is premium. 

Not only is Interface easy, but you can use Canva even without installing it because you can use this tool on Browser. It’s the best choice for almost anyone who wants to do graphic design. 

What is PickMonkey?

PicMonkey, a Photo designing tool, means it’s one of the best alternatives of Canva Because it offers so many features like – Social media posts, Logos, Cover photos and many types of Editing you can do by using PicMonkey. 

From Beginners to Advance, this tool is for everyone. As we discussed canva previously, this tool also has so many Design types so that you can design almost anything you want. Its application is so eye-catching and attracts you to design more and think more creatively. It’s giving a tough competition to Canva. 

In this tool, you’ll see many new features and Design Templates, fonts, cover, Stickers, ads and many more using the PickMonkey tool. And you can also Edit videos through PickMonkey. 

Canva Vs PickMonkey: The Main Difference

Read Carefully because after reading this exact comparison, you’ll clear all your Doubts, and I hope you’ll find your Best Graphic designing tool.

First, we need to understand that both tools are specifically designed for Different users because most of the viewers confused between both tools are for the same purpose, but that’s not true. Both tools have different uses, and based on different uses, their Requirements are different. 

Canva is the Most advanced and Popular tool for Graphic Designing purposes because, with this tool, you can do almost anything. After all, it comes with 420,000+ Templates for you so that you can design even better. Having so many features and Integration make this tool the best choice.

PicMonkey is mainly based on Photo Editing. Now I hope you’ll understand that it’s mainly for Photo Editing purposes. Suppose you’re a photographer or photo editor. In that case, using this tool is a must-have because you’ll get all Elements, Features and tools you need in Photo Editing you’ll see inside this tool, but PicMonkey is not available for Free. It would help if you got a paid plan to use this tool.

On the other hand, Canva Comes with So many features, Complete Graphic designing tool, Comes with 420,000+ Free Readymade templates, Integrations and Yes, Canva comes with Free Plan with all these features. 

So, If you’re looking for only Graphics Designing tool comparison, then It’s not a Good comparison because Canva is the Top in the list, and PickMonkey is just a Photo Editing Platform. For Beginners looking for a Graphic designing tool with so many new features, go with Canva, and for those who want a Photo Editing tool go with PicMonkey.

Canva and PicMonkey have their advantages and Disadvantages. After seeing them, you can understand better what is more effective and give you more benefits.

Canva: Advantages & Disadvantages

#1 Easy to Use 

Canva is popularly known for its easy to use Interface because anyone who is a beginner or a pro can use this tool and Work with more Productivity. Because if you’re using the First-time canva still, you can design almost anything in Few minutes, and the reason is Interface. Because Everything is showing Infront and you can easily pick the elements you’re looking for. 

Designing on Canva is so easy and Faster because you don’t need to learn how to use all these tools – You need to open this tool and Use all elements, then a few minutes later, you can design faster.

#2 Templates for Almost Everything

The biggest reason for Canva Popularity and Success is inside these templates. Because we’re not Born creative designers so how can we design on a blank page? That’s how Canva Comes to you and Shows you Millions of Templates for almost any Niche. So that if you’re working on any Design like – logos, posters, Visiting Cards, brochures, Ads, Social media posts etc., you’ll get Millions of templates to use so that you don’t need to start from Blank. Just click on the Template you like and import it. Then it’s easy to edit and make your design in minutes.

#3 Collaborative

Main giant companies Using Canva And Collaboration is the biggest point because Canva offers you a Team collaboration feature. A complete team can work on a Single Project on a Single Canva Account without Creating a Different Account and then editing. 

Because as a team Creating Different Accounts and the new design is quite tough. That’s why Using Single Account and sharing it with your Team can be more effective and Productive for your project. 

And many more advantages you’ll see when you’re using Canva. 


#1 Mobile Interface is Quite Confusing

When you use Canva in the application, we all hope that it’s a more amazing and Eye-catching Interface. Yes, it’s true, but not as much as we expect because when you use a mobile app, you’ll see some elements missing that you’ll get in desktop mode, and also, you need to Find more elements in the application. So it isn’t very clear when you’re using the Canva application.

#2 No Colour Picker Feature

We all want to use this feature when designing something, and you like some other design Color, but you can’t pick that colour using Canva. You need to install some other plugins on your desktop for picking that colour. Canva does not support this feature.

PickMonkey: Advantages & Disadvantages


#1 Photo Retouching

You’ll not see this feature in Canva, But PicMonkey is a Photo Editing Softwares. That’s why you’ll get this feature. For those who want to Use Photoshop without learning how to use it, PicMonkey can be the best choice. You’ll see so many retouching Options in this tool.

For photo editing, use PickMonkey and all Advance Features you’ll get Inside this tool like – Background remover, skin touchup, editing and all done by PickMonkey.

#2 Draw Function

This feature is not easy to see in any other application because it’s a premium feature for Photo Editing, and that’s why PicMonkey has this feature with advanced elements. For Creating thumbnails and anything, you can use PickMonkey as the best alternative to the Photoshop tool. 

It has advanced Drawing Functions where you can draw with Brush, Smooth touchup and many things done through PickMonkey. There is no need to spend lots of time learning how to use it – Spend some time and see all the tools inside, then start Designing and editing. 

#3 Colour Picker Feature

Finally, The tool where you can pick the desired colours is here. This tool is really impressive in terms of image editing. Because you’ll see another best feature, i.e., Colour Picker, so that you can pick any colour you’ll see, when you’re using this feature, your creativity goes up, and you can edit far better. For any brand, it’s really necessary to Maintain Exact colours, and PicMonkey is helpful. 

#4 Great Mobile App Interface

I know when you’re reading these advantages, you’re also comparing with Canva, but you need to understand that it’s just for Photo editing purposes, but Canva is for a lot more. If we compare both tools’ mobile app Interface, then PicMonkey App is much better, Eye-catching and Easy to use. Using the Drag and drop feature of PickMonkey makes your application Experience better.


#1 No Free Desktop Version

The Biggest Disadvantage is that you don’t have Free to use this tool on Desktop Version. For having experience using this tool on your computer or laptop, you need to use at least a basic plan but have to purchase it.

#2 Templates are less compared to Canva

In Canva, you’ll get 420,000+ templates in its Free Plan, but in PickMonkey, there are fewer Templates than Canva. This can be a Huge Issue because Templates play a very major role in Designing.

Canva Vs PicMonkey

Easy to Use 

Canva can give you an Amazing Experience and is helpful for Beginners because when You’re using Canva, you’ll get Millions of Templates in almost any Niche. Using these templates can be more helpful because you need to drag and drop, that’s it – Now, after some more Edit, you can design your own. That’s why Using Canva is easier and more effective.

PicMonkey is also Easy to use, but it’s just a Photo Editing Tool. That’s why you need to be creative and Design everything. Yes, you’ll get Templates here as well, but as for photo editing, Templates are not as important as editing a photo with your creativity. That’s why using PicMonkey can be Quite Tough because you need to find all Elements yourself and then start editing.

Stock Images

Canva has almost 77 Millions+ Stock Images in its Library. With Different categories means your requirements can be fulfilled through Canva stock images.

PicMonkey uses a third-party platform for stock images, i.e., (iStock and Unsplash) comes with a Free license and premium One. So PicMonkey has tons of stock Images based on Third-Party platforms. That’s why PickMonkey has more stock Images than Canva.

Design Templates

Canva is known for its Millions of Templates. When you’re using Canva, you’ll get Millions of Templates for almost any Niche so that you can design the best one. Some of the most popular Templates Canva offers are Social Media posts, Personal, Ads, Education, marketing, and many other categories available in canva. With just one click, you can find the premium and Eye-catching Templates in your Niche.

PickMonkey also has Templates for any niche like video, ads, posters, brochures etc. But the basic Difference is that Canva has more Templates than PickMonkey. 

Third-party Integration

Canva is best in terms of Third-parties Integration. Based on your Design project, you can integrate with other designing Platforms and Fulfill your Requirements. Some best Third-parties Integration are – Pixelate, Duotone, Flickr, Bitmoji, Moovly and Many more. 

PickMonkey doesn’t allow easy integration with other platforms. That’s why Users prefer Canva based on this feature. You can integrate with basic Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms only. 


Canva comes with Three Plans, i.e., Free, Pro and Enterprise. That’s why Canva is so popular because It’s Free Plan has almost so many Advance features that you’ll see in other paid plans also. It’s Pro Plan Cost at $12.99/Month or $9.99/Month when you pick an annual plan. Its Biggest plan Enterprise Cost at $30/Month.

You’ll also get Canva Pro for a 30 day’s free trial.

PickMonkey also comes with a Three Pricing Plan, but along with it, you’ll get a 7-Day’s Free Trial so that you can experience this tool’s performance and How it’s beneficial for you. PicMonkey comes with three plans, i.e., Basic, Pro and Team plan. Its basic plan starts at $7.99/Month or $72 Annually, Its Pro plan starts at $12.99/Month or $120 annually, and Its Team plan starts at $33.33/Month or $299.88 Annually.  


After reading this in-depth Detailed Comparison between Canva and PicMonkey, I hope you can pick the best one based on your requirements. I suggest you go with Free Plan or Trial for both tools, and then based on your experience, you can pick the best one. Because it’s Free plan also gets features, templates and offers. But as we are comparing Features and Pricing, then Canva is the clear winner!

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