Canva Vs Crello: All you Need to Know?

When we talk about Graphic designing tools, then Crello and Canva are the most popular designing platforms in the Market.

And if you’re Someone who is looking for In-depth Comparison of both platforms, so that you can pick the best one as per your requirements then You’re reading the right article because in this article we’ve covered in-depth Comparison between both platforms, Features, Pricing and Which one is better for you.

After reading this article, it’s easy for you to pick the best one as per your needs. So without wasting a second, Let’s Begin!

What is Crello?

It is a Graphic designing tool that helps you design Eye-catching and professional posts for Social media platforms. It’s a highly advanced tool to create marketing content, website Content, Video animation and many more just by using Crello.

Using Crello is so Easy because you can design almost anything by using its Drag and drop Feature. Even if you’re a beginner and looking for tools, this tool can help you with a good start. When you open this tool, you’ll see Various Templates Available for edit, and you can design as per your requirements.

Crello gave a tough fight to Canva as a Better Alternative for Graphic Designing tools in today’s time.

In short:

  • It’s a Graphic Designing Tool (Free/Paid)
  • Comes with Drag and drop Feature
  • 25,000+ Templates and 45 Design Types
  • 10,000+ Elements inside crello
  • 500,000 Premium Images for Free
  • Millions of HD Photo Stocks Available


  • Easy to Use: Anyone can use crello because of its Drag and drop Feature. It’s so easy to Design anything in Crello. This application comes with both a mobile app and desktop version to Design.
  • Image and Video Editing Features: This is something unique in this Software because you’ll get Features of Image and Video editing and make it more Eye-catching by using Some Visual Effects.
  • Pricing: Yes, Its pricing is also advantageous because Crello comes with affordable plans that almost anyone can afford. On the other hand, its alternatives price higher, that’s why Crello is more beneficial at pricing and Features Comparison.


  • Crello Branding with Free Plan: This is something most Crello Users don’t like because if you’re using Crello Free plan, it comes with Its Branding. Whenever you design something and want to download it, you’ll get crello Branding.
  • Lack of Team Collaboration: For team purposes, Crello offers Basic features – You can’t work on Design with a team and scaling with workflow. But if you want to use it for Designing purposes, then Crello can be a good choice.

What is Canva?

The most popular Tool in Graphic Designing is Canva. And I’m sure you’ll hear this name in Designing purpose. With Canva, you can do almost anything for Designing drives – Social media graphics, printing, marketing poster’s, Visiting Cards, Animations, Advertising, almost anything you can do with Canva.

It’s a Complete pack of Graphic Designing. And the most impressive features of Drag and drop so that anyone can design easily. Its Interface is Eye-Catching and Easy to use in both Mobile apps and desktop versions.

If you’re looking for a Graphic Designing tool, then Canva is something irreplaceable for you. Even its Free Feature is enough to satisfy your needs.

In short:

  • It’s one of the Best Graphic Designing tools
  • Tons of Elements, Icons, fonts and Shapes are available inside Canva
  • Millions of Stock images for Free and Paid
  • Best for Logo Maker and Photo Editor Tool
  • Canva available in 100+ Languages


  • Easy to Use: This Tool is Eye-catching and User-friendly, Comes with Drag and drop Feature. Even a Beginner easily Design with canva. From Beginners to Professionals, canva is for everyone. The best part is, you’ll get Tons of New Templates that you can use in your designing purpose and Complete Design faster.
  • Templates Library: If you’re Someone who is Beginner or Advances, but you don’t have an idea which type of Structure you want in your Design, then Canva Can Help you. Suggest tons of templates so that you can pick the best one for your Design. These templates are completely editable so that you can put your content inside these templates and download it.
  • Robust Free Version: The Biggest factor for using Canva is, its Free Version is enough for almost any work. For Designing tools, teamwork, Storage – you get nearly everything in its Free Plan. That’s why using canva is more beneficial for you.
  • Advance Team Collaboration: Canva is such a popular and fantastic tool for Designing for team collaboration. It’s a Very Easy way to invite team members and work on Projects Together to build something beautiful using Canva Tool. Anyone can create any design by using Canva, whether it’s a Company Logo, visiting card, infographics, or kit.
  • Another Eye-catching Feature of canva is Scheduling content on social media platforms.


  • Limited Customizability: When we talk about limited Customizable, there are some Elements like Icons, stickers, & objects that you can’t change colours or text. It would help if you used it as it is in your Design.
  • Sometimes Auto-Save Feature didn’t Work: Some users of Canva Reviews say that Canva Auto-Save Feature doesn’t work sometimes.

Crello Vs Canva (Comparison)

Easy to Use Interface:

Both tools are Mainly popular because of Easy to use Interface. It’s super easy to use both devices; even if You’re a Beginner, you can use it.

In both tools, it’s just not Eye-catching looking on the Homepage, but it’s so easy to use also. Means inside both tools you can quickly – Finding Templates you want, Resizing, Editing and Adding/Deleting Elements.

Overall, when you use these tools, you are never stuck on using them because it’s straightforward to understand all the features.

Winner: Tie

Templates Option Available

Both tools come with tons of new and updated templates inside the Tool, but if we look closer, you’ll understand that Canva has 250,000+ Templates available and Crello has 30,000 only.

So many types of Templates available inside these tools like – YouTube, Twitch, Social Media, Logos, Animation, Marketing, Posters, Event, Video, T-Shirt and many more Templates, You’ll see inside both tools. But the one strong reason is, Canva has more Templates with Beautiful Design Trends.

Winner: Canva

Crello Free Vs Canva Free

In-depth Comparison you’ll see below, but in short, if we talk about which Tool is better for Free, then Canva is highly recommended because there are no limitations of using Canva in Free Version also.

Both tools offer so many amazing features in their Free Plan. Let’s see all features you’ll get inside both free plans:

Canva Free Plan Features:

  • 250,000+ Free Templates
  • Unlimited Downloads of All Templates using in Canva
  • 100+ Design Trends (Social media, Posters, Logos, Videos, Animation etc.)
  • 5 GB of Cloud Storage
  • Can do Team Collaboration
  • Canva “Free Design School” to teach you – How to use Canva
  • Tons of New Graphics and Elements
  • And many more…

Crello Free Plan Features:

  • 30,000+ Templates In Crello
  • 5 Downloaded Per Month Only
  • So many Design types (Social media, videos, logos, animation etc.)
  • 32,000+ Hd Video Clips & Animation
  • So many Free Fonts
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Resize Option Available in Templates
  • Free Tutorial – How to use Crello

Winner: Canva

Crello Pro Vs Canva Pro

Now, it’s an accurate comparison because both come with unique features in the pro version. But Canva is far better than Crello in its Pro version. Canva is best in Features, Pricing and some extra advantages. When you Switch to Canva Pro, then you’ll get tons of Eye-catching Templates, Photos, Videos and Graphs elements.

Winner: Canva


Many Big Companies prefer Canva because of its Integrations. There are so many third-party platforms like Hosting, Email marketing and many more Integrated with Canva.

In Canva, there are so many Integration and add-on you can do easily, like Pexels for free stock Images or Integration with social platforms like – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more. But if you talk about Crello, there’s no Integration offered by the Crello tool.

Winner: Canva

Customer Support:

Both tools give you almost similar Support in its free plan. In crello, you can contact via Email, and In Canva, you can contact via Form. So there’s no significant difference in Support unless you get their paid plan. Then you’ll get priority support in both tools. But on the other side – you don’t need any Customer Support for these Tools.

Winner: Tie

Major Difference




Images and Video Editor/Converter

Customer Support


Graphs and Charts


Not have any Image or Video converter

Canva offer Fb, Twitter and Email Support

Yes, Canva support third party applications

Canva use data analysis tool to Showcase data as results

Yes, Canva offer printing and shipping

Yes, you’ll get Feature of converting images and video for Free

Crello offers Email Support Only

No, Crello don’t support Third party applications

Doesn’t have any Features of Analysing

No, crello don’t offer this Feature

These are some Key points you need to know for better understanding of Comparison between both designing tools.


  • Canva Pricing: Canva comes with Three Plans, i.e., Free, Pro & Enterprise.

Its Pro version costs $12.99 Monthly or $119.99 Annually. And its Enterprise plan costs $30 Monthly.

Pricing Plan of Canva based on Number of Users. So you can pick the project based on your needs. Canva Pro plan is highly in demand for companies and team collaboration.

  • Crello Pricing: Crello comes with two plans, i.e., Free (Starter) & Pro Version. Its Pro Version Costs $7.99 Monthly or $95.99 Annually.

As we’ve already compared and known who wins this fight. But still, if any doubt left or you want to know which one is for you, then let’s do a Quick Review:

Canva is for those, If:

  • You’re looking for Graphic Designing Work
  • You want to use so many features, graphics, elements, third-party applications, Team collaboration.
  • You’re looking for Tons of New Templates, Stock photos, Videos and Graphics
  • You always prefer Ultra High-Quality images to download

Then Canva is for you.

Crello is for those, If:

  • You are working on Animation Project
  • You’re looking for a cheaper option
  • Your work on graphics is less like 5 Designs per Month, then Crello can be a good choice.

Final Words

After Comparing both tools and based on their Features, Pricing, and Easy use Interface – Canva is a Clear winner.

But yes, Crello gave a tough Fight to Canva. There are so many reasons to Pick Canva as the Best option for Graphic Designing tools.

The Unique point to pick canva as the best option, i.e., Canva offer Design printing and shipping services.

But if you are looking for my Suggestions, then it’s all about your Graphic designing Requirements – It means if You’re a Beginner and want to know how to design and some basics, then Crello is something you can pick and learn. But If you’re Someone who wants professional work and works on Advance, then Nothing is better than Canva to Design.

Canva is a More Powerful tool for Designing purposes and Comes with a 30 day free trial of a premium plan. So why not take some advantages and Use canva without spending money.

I hope after reading this article, you find the best Graphics Designing tool as per your needs. Now it’s your Turn to pick the best one! Drop your comment below – which one do you prefer?

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