BackupGuard Review: Is this Complete Backup For WordPress?

Doing regular backups of your WordPress site is important to protect it from spammers, hackers, sometimes cleaning your own mess. This is not the piece of cake for everyone to perform this task. Unless You’re using plugins such as UpDraft or VaultPress…

These plugins are only relevant if you’re having a big chunk of money. Today, I’ll be reviewing Backupguard which will help you to completely automate your backup process.

Let’s Dive In…

BackupGuard Review

The backup guard is a WordPress development company. They’ve been in the market since 2015 as per their Facebook page. They’ve launched several plugins in the WordPress space.

Recently, They launched their two plugins on appsumo as a lifetime deal which are the BackupGuard Backup plugin and security plugin.

BackupGuard Backup Plugin

The first plugin is the Backup plugin that is the main attraction of this deal. From a clean slate, This is very easy to use and the learning curve is also very easy. It’s simple and easy to go…

Demo of backupguard wordpress plugin

BackupGuard Security Plugin

Their security plugins seem to be a joke. Many plugins such as Wordfence are having more features than them in their free plan. Still here are the handful of features they provide in it.

overview of backupguard security plugin
  • Block proxy HTTP headers
  • Block brute force – Enhances Login Security
  • Block image hotlinking – Block other people to use your images on your site
  • Block referrer spam and bad bots
  • Block specific IPs
  • Bandwidth and Traffic monitoring

That’s all about their Security plugin….

My Perspective For Plugin

BackupGuard isn’t the new company raised into the crowd they’re been in the market for a long time. If I talk about their appsumo deal, Only their backup plugin is worth the price.

Their lifetime deal assured that you never need to pay for any other back plugin.

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