How to Integrate G-suite With Ninja Outreach

I spent over 40 mins to figure out, How can I integrate Ninja Outreach with G-suite. It seems to be an easier task but the constant errors made it very difficult.

If you’re someone facing the same issue, Check the video where I’ve shown complete details.

Here are major takeaways;

  • Enable less secure apps on G-suite
  • Allow IMAP Connections
  • Create app passwords for 2 step verification


This is AI-generated transcription, Maybe has some grammatical errors in it.

Hey, if you’re someone who is consistently facing a to figure out this shit, this video is for you. I spent approximately 36 mins to figure this shit out and it is of a video. I will help you how you can fix this thing up. So what exactly it is

While you integrate your Gmail account with Ninjaoutreach. What happens is you entered your email underneath your blog entry password. You click on Connect button and boom, you will receive this one key message like you are unable to integrate this app.

So Indefatigably, I will show you how you can fix these things up. And so I already enter the correct credentials. So I know that. So unneighborly secured app. So what happened by default is this fucking option is not available that the like this option is not available. So what we have to do is first of all, you need to have to enable this particular option. To do that, you need to login inside your arm and console.

You need to go under security. And that security will find often less accurate up click on it and just unable this option allow users to manage their access to less secure revenue, will do that what they have to do? You have to click the link by your outrage. You will be redirected to this page and this thing will be available. So you have to switch the thing on. So when you do that, there is a next step that you have to enable to enable this.

I am a big connection. So for for what you need to do is let me login, you know, to come over here. Uh, my little Shehraj Singh market as a Shehraj Singh management, so let me close them, so what I have to do is you try to come over here and just click on this button and left everything by default. Right. And when you will do that, uh, there is a third option as well.

Like, you have to give someone a password. So I don’t need to do that because everything’s sorted out after setting up these two options. So that’s what you need to do. And now you need to click on Connect account. Boom, your account is connected successfully, so that’s something a little quick video like. I spent my 40 minutes into it figuring out the short and five minutes into the video. I hope someone will get help and they will never need to feel this particular area that I even the so-called march on YouTube to find a single word on this topic.

So the chances are you are already an outraged customer. If you are not, my friend is given free, free to check it out after a trial or something. Thank you so much for watching. Let me end this video and see you in a dictatorial.

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