AI Content For SEO Traffic (My Experience)

For the last few weeks, I have been testing a lot of AI Content generation tools to improve our content publishing workflow.

Tools were good when it comes to content research, outlining stuff. But I’d a big question in my mind.

Is this AI-generated content good for SEO traffic? Here is what I discovered.

AI Content for SEO Traffic

To test it up, I created 4 pieces of content on different websites. Here are links;

One was published on a private news site. I realized that when I first published the article

I saw a delay in indexing for every article. As you know, Google consistently crawls sites that are in the news niche to spread the word out!

But my content was nowhere. Hmm…

At last, my content got indexed but I found that my content was not ranking high in search results on exact match title keywords for the next few days.

Things get worse,

When all of my content got deindexed except that news article. Indexing-deindexing games keep going.

One fine day, I got an alert from my rank tracker that your content is ranking high for one of my targeted terms.

Interesting huh?

Rankings dropped again (It’s common) but still this date I’m facing these fluctuations.

Tbh, I didn’t found any clear answer around this topic. So, I asked John from Google about it on twitter. Let’s see how it goes


As per my experience, Using AI tools for SEO may cause an error in your rankings. Add to that, Google has not given any statement around this. Be Careful while using it. Personally, I use GPT-3 for my social media content.

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Shehraj Singh
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